Fast-growing commercial operations, industrial enterprises, and large residential buildings all come with a myriad of energy needs.

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HVAC systems are the cornerstone of a comfortable work environment, not to mention how they play a key role in health and safety.

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As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Even the most green-hearted company can’t start improving without knowing what needs improvement.

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Any major project—from infrastructure installations to retrofitting to inspections—requires coordination and proper planning to get finished in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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HVAC systems are heavy-duty installations that are made up of numerous components.

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Heat is everywhere and the way it moves through a building can have large implications for industrial activities, commercial businesses, or even home owners.

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Compressed air canisters are employed for numerous purposes and many companies and businesses benefit from their pneumatic services.

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Once a new building is constructed or piece of equipment is obtained, it’s important to get it into working condition and operation…

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The government offers various rebates, grants, and tax incentives for businesses that make green choices.

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Getting an accurate view on your energy use and expenses is the only way to devise ways to save, but also the only way to know if your efficiency plans are working.

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Proper financial planning and understanding of project costs are important for any business, but doubly so when those projects are meant to result in net savings over time.

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“PL has performed Energy Audits on 35 of our properties, and has continuously provided in-depth knowledge and expertise for engineering green solutions.”


“They performed their duties in a timely and professional manner. The staff were always available to answer any inquiries and kept us informed of the progress of each project.”

Derma Sciences

“The energy audits helped us make informed decisions on energy saving projects and reduce our overall consumptions at buildings where projects have been implemented.”

Berkley Property Management

“PL Energy Services thorough approach to turnkey energy analysis and auditing, allowed us to benchmark our consumption, as well as make drastic improvements in our facility.”

ASA Alloys



PL Energy Services offers a unique energy management package, starting with ASHRAE Level II audits, to design, implementation, rebate incentives, automation controls, measurement, verification and continued tracking and adjustment to ensure optimal energy efficiency.  We call this the PL Treatment and it’s effective for landlords, property managers and owners throughout Ontario.

Some Of Our


“Our expertise in building sciences and state of the art technologies equips our team with essential knowledge”

– PL Energy Services