You may have heard that variable frequency drives (VFDs) can help save your Mississauga business a considerable amount of money. But what are VFDs and how can they help you cut costs? Keep on reading to find out more about these useful tools, and why you should think about implementing them.

Functions of Variable Frequency Drives in Commercial Places

What are the uses of VFDs in commercial buildings? The basic function of a variable frequency device is to conserve energy. It achieves this by controlling the speed of a pump and air handling equipment rather than through a throttling valve—when you reduce the speed of a pump and air handling equipment, you create energy savings. VFDs aren’t only good solutions if you want to reduce their energy consumption, but they also serve to extend the life of the impeller, bearing, and seal. Your equipment will have less downtime due to maintenance since the VFD can offer better protection for your motor from issues like electro thermal overloads and overvoltage. It’ll also allow equipment to run more smoothly, which will eliminate belt, gear, and bearing wear.

Advantages of Using Variable Frequency Drives

VFDs are energy efficient and can help your equipment last longer, but there are other advantages as well. Some more benefits of variable frequency drives include:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • No need for a soft starter for the motor
  • Controlled ramp-up sleep can eliminate water hammer problems in pool systems
  • VFDs take up minimal space
  • Protection against system overloads, motor failures, motor and drive overheating, voltage disturbances, power surges, loss of phase, ground fault, overvoltage, over current, under voltage, external fault, and over temperature
  • Minimal motor noise and heating

Did you know that electric motor systems are responsible for more than half of the power consumption in the industry? Optimizing their energy use can cut your facility’s energy use in half—maybe even more. You may be intimidated by the initial investment that VFD installation requires, but by combining energy-efficiency tax incentives and utility rebates, you’ll be able to see a return on your investment in as little as six months.

While there a number of uses when implementing a VFD in your commercial business, there are a few things it can’t offer. Your VFD won’t be able to boost the output voltage above the input voltage, increase the output power of the motor, or fix mechanical problems.

Use PL Energy Services for Variable Frequency Drives in Mississauga

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