Strategies to Reduce Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

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Why should you think about reducing your energy consumption? There are the obvious reasons, like helping the environment and saving on your monthly energy bills, but it can actually help your commercial business in other ways. Marketing a building as eco-friendly and highlighting green initiatives can appeal to an entirely new demographic. By increasing sales and reducing your energy costs, you’ll be able to significantly increase your profit as a business owner. There are a ton of benefits to cutting down on your energy consumption, so how do you go about doing it? We’ve compiled a list of ways you can begin your energy-saving venture for your commercial property.

Conduct a Waste Audit

Finding your building’s main sources of waste will help you identify the specific areas that you can work on improving. If you notice that there’s a lot of paper being wasted, it’s probably a good idea to implement an accessible recycling system. Since cutting down in an area that you depend on can be tough, an easier first step to take is reducing your waste and then working your way up to becoming more efficient.

Make Energy-Efficient Washrooms

Making simple chances like swapping paper towels for high-efficiency air dryers can make a world of difference. High-efficiency toilets are another energy-saving change you can make; while they may seem like a costly investment at first, you’ll reap the benefits down the line.

Take Advantage of Natural Light and Heat

The sun is a natural—and free—source of light and heat, so use it to your advantage! Installing large east- and west-facing windows will allow everyone in your office to use the natural light; this will help you save on your energy bill, and employees are likely to enjoy it more than working under florescent lights. Leaving blinds open in the winter will help heat your office during the winter and reduce the strain on your heating system. In the summer months, you can close them to keep the sunlight out and keep it cooler indoors.

Install Motion-Sensor Lighting

To making your lighting solutions even more efficient, have motion-sensor lights installed. Even though you won’t be using them as much when you have natural light to fill the room, there’s nothing wrong with taking some extra steps to be even more eco-friendly. Motion sensor lights will turn on only when someone enters the room or when they’re needed. An added bonus? You’ll never have to worry about turning the lights off when you leave the room again!

Get Help from an Expert

If you’re interested in cutting down the energy consumption of your commercial property, the first step is to have a commercial energy audit done. Simply contact PL Energy Services, one of the top commercial energy saving audit companies in Toronto. We`ve helped hundred of companies in Ontario optimize their energy use and implement green technologies to help keep them eco-friendly. We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to: thermal imaging, ASHREA energy analyses, project management, and building automation. Stop wasting energy and money today—contact us to learn more about what we can offer you or to set up a consultation.


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