Improve Your Condominium with Energy Audits

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If you’ve been looking for a way to take your condo building to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place. Energy audit companies in Toronto may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering ways you can make improvements to your condo building, but the reality is that it’s a great option that could benefit you and the environment. To understand how an energy audit can benefit you, you must first understand what an energy audit is. When you hire a company to conduct an energy audit on your building, technicians will assess your building’s systems, patterns of consumption, and overall efficiency. Using this information, you can work to make improvements around your building that’ll have cost benefits for all parties. Keep on reading to find out how beneficial an energy audit can be.

Available Refundable Costs

Whether you own or manage a condo building, an energy audit will inform you about some refundable costs you may not be aware of. For example, you might realize after conducting an energy audit that it would be worth your while to upgrade your lighting fixtures to an eco-friendlier option. Of course, this may cause you to incur some hefty costs, but an energy audit can help you find programs and incentives offered by the government and local companies that can help offset the initial costs of investing in green upgrades. There is a plethora of potential savings available to residential building managers; the key to unlocking those savings is by conducting an energy audit.

In addition to helping you identify refundable costs, conducting an energy audit can allow you to market your building as a green or eco-friendly building. When you make certain upgrades and reach certain standards, you’ll be able to reach a new demographic by setting your building apart on the real estate market by presenting it as a green, eco-friendly option.

Details on Energy Use

When you have an energy audit to asses your building, you can gain insight into where and when your building uses the most energy, and take precautions to make sure that it stays within appropriate limits. Using this information, you can opt to install building automation systems to reduce energy use and operating costs, while maintaining the comfort of owners. With the weather in constant flux, right now it the perfect time to assess your building’s energy usage. Building managers may be shocked to realize how much energy is consumed when the air conditioning is on full blast one day, only to have the heat on the next day.

The benefits are virtually endless when it comes to conducting an energy audit on your condo building, so why wait to do one? Call PL Energy Services, the premier energy audit company in Mississauga, today. We specialize in a wide array of energy-saving initiatives for commercial buildings, and energy audits are just one way we can help you cut down on your annual energy consumption. In addition to assessing your current setup and rate of consumption, we can work with your existing equipment and provide better controls, real time data tracking and reporting, remote diagnosis and control, as well as worry-free settings. In the last two years, PL Energy Services has helped clients to collect over $2.4 million in energy rebates. Contact us today to learn more about our energy audits and how we can help you cut down on your energy use.


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