How Hiring the Right Energy Auditing Company Can Help You Avoid Energy Audit Disasters

An electricity meter measures the current consumed

Not all energy auditing companies are created equal. Many unqualified companies are looking to cash in while investing minimal time onsite. The end result can be an absolute disaster: spending valuable company resources on an audit that only addresses the most superficial of changes and gives you a limited perspective on costly inefficiencies occurring on a regular basis.

While it’s important to find cost-effective solutions to high energy bills, it’s also equally critical to use the right energy auditing company in Toronto. This will prevent an energy audit disaster and save you money in the long term.

Better Auditing Options

With rising costs for energy, a slew of energy consulting companies have been popping up. These companies are promising to lower the cost of your energy bill—but do they all deliver the same level of service?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has very clear guidelines on what a Level I-III Energy Analysis Audit should consist of. Take careful steps when selecting the best auditing option.

Certified Professionals with Professional Approach

Beyond passing an Energy Advisor exam, it takes a high level of experience to understand how to perform a commercial energy audit. At the very least, a company should have five years of experience. The auditors they hire need to have knowledge of the EnerGuide Rating System, construction practices, energy efficiency renovation practices, and building science. This all allows for a professional approach to your energy audit.

Better Equipment and Technology

A comprehensive audit involves the collection of a huge amount of data. Utility consumption must be gauged over a year to give a point of reference for fluctuating energy needs over different seasons, and years of utility bills can indicate changing patterns of consumption.

Equipment used includes an infrared thermal imaging camera, a blower door, data tablets, cloud-based software, and sophisticated software applications. This technology allows an energy audit company to work faster and smarter and, ultimately, to produce a better, more granular report than their competitors.

All Your Queries Answered

A legit company will not blink when asked the hardest questions about the processes and tasks involved in an energy audit. There must be a level of transparency and assurances in meeting your expectations for a commercial energy audit of your business. Trust a business that satisfies—and exceeds—your own stringent requirements.

Get What You Pay For

The more comprehensive an audit is, the greater the savings will be if a company follows through on recommendations. Going through the expense of retrofitting, which could include the addition of new windows and doors or the replacement of heating and cooling systems, can save up to 40% on energy bills. Then there’s the added benefit of using a company that understands how to navigate the layers of government bureaucracy to access funds available to eco-friendly businesses.

While there are many pretenders masquerading as contenders, know that you can find a reputable company to perform your commercial energy audit. PL Energy Services has over 20 years of combined experience in helping companies get optimum results. Our team of specialists can complete all necessary engineering documentation and studies to maximize your incentive return. Contact us today to learn more.