How Can Building Automation Save You Energy and Money?

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As a commercial property owner, you’ve probably thought about building automation at some point or another. If you haven’t, it’s probably because you either don’t know what a building automation system is or how it can benefit you.

Simply put, a building automation system is a tracking system that allows property managers to monitor water, gas, and electricity consumption in order to optimize energy use. It’s definitely an investment and a lot of thought should be put into your decision. If you haven’t made the choice to install a building automation system on your GTA property, then you should check out this list about the benefits of building automation.

Benefits of Building Automation

Lower Electricity Cost

One of the top reasons that companies opt for building automation is the opportunity for energy savings, which translates into saving money. Properties usually save about 15% of their annual energy consumption, which is a huge savings for them—this can equate to 20 to 40 cents in savings per square foot of space!

Maintain Comfort Levels

Where humans are involved there is always room for error. Manually monitoring the temperature and humidity levels throughout your entire building is a big job, and there’s always a margin for error, which can jeopardize the comfort of your employees or tenants. With an automated system to monitor these levels, you’ll be able to maintain comfortable levels with ease. An automated building can even ensure that adequate light levels are delivered over different times and seasons to each section of your building.

Increase Property Value

An investment in a building automation system isn’t just an investment in your current energy savings and the comfort levels inside your building; it’s also an investment in the resale value of your property. By reducing your energy costs, your revenues will increase, making your company worth that much more.

Better Productivity

If making sure that your employees are comfortable isn’t enough to convince you to implement an automation system, look at it this way: the better the air quality in your building, the less likely employees are to take sick days. Better air quality and ventilation will increase the productivity of your company, further contributing to your profits.

Low Maintenance Cost

While a building automation system may require an initial investment, you’ll see the return on more than just your energy bill. By controlling the indoor air quality with your automated system, you’ll be able to reduce the run time on your heating and cooling equipment. This means it’ll be used much less and will require less maintenance and mechanical repairs.

Building Automation Systems from PL Energy Services

The benefits are virtually endless when it comes to building automation systems, so why wait to have one implemented? Call PL Energy Services today. We specialize in a wide array of energy-saving initiatives for commercial buildings and building automation is just one way we can help you cut down on your annual energy consumption. We can work with your existing equipment and provide better controls, real-time data tracking and reporting, remote diagnosis and control, as well as worry free settings. Contact us today to learn more about our green initiatives and how you can cut down on your energy use.


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