Everything You Need To Know about Energy Benchmarking

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What Is Energy Benchmarking?

Energy benchmarking is the practice of comparing the measured performance of a facility to itself, its peers, or established norms, with the goal of motivating improved energy efficiency. When this term is applied to building energy consumption, it serves as a mechanism to measure the energy use and performance of a single building over time and compare it to that of other buildings or modelled simulations. Commercial energy saving audits and energy benchmarking is quickly becoming an industry standard. Protecting and doing your part for the environment is extremely important, especially when you own a commercial building that consumes mass amounts of energy.

Natural Resources Canada is spearheading a national energy-benchmarking initiative for the commercial and institutional buildings sector, offering Canada’s only standard benchmarking tool based on national statistics. To learn more about this initiative, click here to visit their web site.

Benefits of Energy Benchmarking

Energy benchmarking in the GTA—and pretty much anywhere in the world—comes with a number of benefits. It’s nearly impossible to accurately monitor how much energy your building consumes, when its peak hours are, and what equipment uses the most energy. When you’re unaware of these things, you won’t be able to optimize your building energy efficiency and will be wasting both energy and money. Conducting an energy audit and participating in benchmarking initiatives will allow you to learn this information, and use it as you see fit.

Knowing your energy consumption will enable you to manage your building and the way it consumes energy. Since you’ll be able to identify exactly which areas need to be adjusted, you’ll be able to make your commercial building more energy-efficient and less wasteful. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, the information gained from energy benchmarking can be used to reduce the overall energy costs incurred by your building.

When you employ certain eco-friendly initiatives in your property, you’ll be able to market it as a green building and attract more tenants, reducing vacancies and improving overall productivity. Many customers respond well to increased accountability and transparency from companies, which is exactly what you’ll give them when you participate in energy-benchmarking initiatives. Furthermore, it’ll keep you in the forefront when it comes to new energy-efficient technologies, and it’ll keep you in the loop with changing energy laws. Cutting costs, staying up to date and bringing in more tenants are all benefits that you’ll reap when you take part in energy benchmarking initiatives.

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