Why Energy Efficiency Is Important for New Commercial Buildings

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Energy efficiency is a crucial point of focus for everyone, but it takes precedence when it comes to new and existing commercial buildings. Property owners should embrace energy efficient strategies in new buildings to set the tone for their time there, and to establish a new norm when it comes to creating a comfortably sustainable environment. For buildings that are pre-existing, they can conduct energy consumption analyses in Toronto to figure out where they can make changes, and cut back. However, when owners have energy efficiency at the forefront of their minds from design and building stages, they’ll be able to reap the benefits from the beginning. To learn about some of the advantages of being energy efficient for new commercial buildings, keep on reading.


People often think that the initial investment for an eco-friendly commercial building will cost more versus a traditional one. This is true, but individuals should also consider the increased opportunities that’ll come with an energy efficient building. The marketing potential will greatly expand, and your building will appeal to a wider audience. In addition, government incentives and grants are available to help offset the initial cost.

Providing a Greater Return

When you invest in an energy efficient property from the get go, you’ll be able to see the return on your investment that much faster. You’ll notice that as a result of your reduced energy consumption, energy bills will be much lower. This will make for happy property owners, and happy tenants—your building could quickly become a hot commodity on the real estate market once people hear about the low utility costs and environmentally friendly practices.

Health & Welfare

Your employees and tenants will be happier, healthier people in an eco-friendly building. Canadians spend 90 percent of their lives indoors, so it’s easy to imagine how important a healthy indoor environment is for individuals and families alike. Good insulation and reinforced windows won’t only save energy, but will create a healthier and more comfortable environment, reducing the risk of cardiovascular conditions, rheumatism, and arthritis.

Transforming Communities

As more building owners transition and make energy efficient choices, they’ll become the centerpieces for sustainability in Canadian communities. The savings from eco-friendly initiatives will go back into the community, and work to improve living standards, and enhance the lives of community members. Canadians will be able to live in more comfortable, higher quality communities when property owners embrace energy efficient strategies.

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