Why Should Companies Have an Energy Audit?

Clean energy concept

Having an energy audit conducted on your commercial property can help identify energy-saving opportunities to help save you money on your monthly energy bill. During an energy audit, a professional auditor will assess your building by inspecting your lighting, HVAC system, control, refrigeration, air compressors, water-consuming equipment, and pretty much anything else that consumes energy. They’ll compile a report of their results and will give you suggestions on how to improve or replace your equipment in order to make your building more energy-efficient. Commercial energy audits can do more that just save you money on your energy bill—keep on reading to find out why you should have an energy analysis done now.

Improve Energy-Efficiency

The main goal of energy audit companies in Toronto is to reduce the energy consumption of commercial businesses. This can help them save money on their annual energy costs but will also benefit the environment. When it comes to energy, less is always more. The less energy wasted, the more money goes back into your pocket and the more we do for the environment.

Lower Energy Bills

Energy audits can cut your energy bills in half depending on what your auditor finds. While saving energy presents its own cost-cutting opportunity, those who own residential and apartment buildings can increase their profits even more. Many tenants are willing to pay a little extra to live in a green building—this means if you take advantage of your auditor’s suggestions and make eco-friendly upgrades, you can market your building as an environmentally-friendly option and charge a little extra.

Improve Comfort

An energy analysis can also give you the opportunity to improve the air quality and overall comfort of employees or tenants inside your commercial business. Making upgrades to your HVAC system and insulation can prevent the air inside the building from becoming excessively dry or cold. This is another huge advantage of an energy audit: comfortable employees are happy and productive employees!

Increase Property Value

An investment in your property now is an investment in its resale value. Many people are becoming more and more environmentally friendly as the effects of global warming become more apparent, and those shopping for a commercial property will be more likely to spend extra cash on a building that’s already had a number of green upgrades. Since they won’t have to do the initial work themselves, they’ll be more willing to pay a higher price for the convenience and long-term saving opportunity you’re able to offer.

PL Energy Services is passionate about the environment and works towards helping businesses across the GTA improve their energy consumption. Our expertise in building sciences paired with state-of-the-art technology allowed us to perform comprehensive energy audits that can help you save on your annual energy costs and even improve the overall quality and appeal of your building. If you’re interested in having one of our qualified auditors assess your building, feel free to contact us today.


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