It’s imperative to have a working carbon monoxide detector present in your home and/or commercial property. Carbon monoxide sensors in commercial buildings will keep tenants and employees safe—without a sensor, it’s almost impossible to tell when carbon monoxide (CO) levels are above normal. Commonly known as a silent killer, the accumulation of carbon monoxide in any closed area can be lethal. The effects likely won’t be detected until it’s too late, but fortunately CO detectors have been able to warn people about rising levels so that they can get to safety before it’s too late.

What Is a Carbon Monoxide Sensor?

CO sensors are helpful devices that are designed to measure CO levels over time and sound an alarm before they reach dangerous levels. This allows people to quickly ventilate the area or evacuate and get to safety. Some CO detectors are even connected to a monitoring system that can dispatch an emergency service if necessary. CO detectors are most commonly installed in underground parking garages of commercial buildings. These detectors save families every year and should be installed in residential homes as well as in commercial and corporate buildings. Having a CO sensor in your Toronto commercial property will prevent tragedy and protect anyone inside the building from this silent killer.

How Does a Carbon Monoxide Sensor Work?

CO sensors monitor the level of the gas in the surrounding area and will sound an alarm if it detects a potentially dangerous amount in the air. There are a number of different CO detectors that work differently depending on the type. A few different sensors include:


Electrochemical detectors work by responding differently to the varying levels of CO and have a self-powered battery that must be replaced every five years.


This type of detector has an internal gel cell made from synthetic hemoglobin that works to absorb excess CO. When it detects rising level, the alarm will sound and users must clear the sensor by leaving it in fresh air.

Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From?

Carbon monoxide can accumulate in your home or commercial property as a result of commonplace items like flame-fueled ovens, dyers, furnaces, grills, water or space heaters, clogged chimneys, or open flames. Sources of CO are developed any time fossil fuel combustion is incomplete and can happen any time you use natural gas, oil, charcoal, gasoline, or kerosene. CO is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas that can kill humans and animals if inhaled too much—even minimal amounts can have an impact on your health.

Why Choose PL Energy Services?

Did you know that installing CO detectors in your commercial building can help you reduce maintenance and energy costs? It’s true: in addition to improving your air quality and protecting you from the harmful effects of carbon monoxide, they will help you cut costs on your energy bill. You can earn LEED points and take advantage of government incentives when you choose to have a CO detection system installed and enjoy saving thousands of dollars annually.

PL Energy Services cares about nothing more than keeping you and the environment safe. Our eco-friendly initiatives work to ensure the health and safety of the environment by offering green solutions to commercial businesses like yours. Contact us today to learn more about carbon monoxide detection and how you can protect the environment and those around you.