Benefits of an Efficient Energy Audit for the Hospitality Industry

Technician is recording data Voltage or current in control panel of power plants

It’s understood that providing an exceptional experience for guests is what makes the hospitality industry thrive. While that is always a priority, there are other ways to improve branding, increase profitability, bring in more guests, and save money by utilizing the results from an energy audit.

In the fast-moving hospitality industry, change is always a constant, so taking the effort to make a few improvements can be a highly-rewarding decision for both short- and long-term planning.

Save Energy Consumption

It is possible to save between 30 to 50% in overall energy usage. Consider areas like heating and air conditioning, hot water, and lighting. An energy audit for the hospitality industry can demonstrate where a hotel or resort is inefficient and recommend changes like added insulation, new windows or doors, or efficient LED lighting to implement money saving practices.

Attract More Customers

Nearly 62% of travellers surveyed by said that they consider the environment when choosing hotels, transportation, and meals. More telling wuilding simulation, it can give property owners valuable information about the building’s operations and energy use, as well as give some insight into operating the fact that 69% of those surveyed said they planned to make even more ecologically-friendly choices during the next year. Guests appreciate that they’re staying in a hotel that employs energy saving practices.

Improve Business Branding

Making your green-friendly initiatives known to your guests is a winning route to improve the image of your company. Guests themselves are often unwilling to conduct research on their own: The study cited a whopping 93% of guests who never confirm a hotel’s green practices. Energy-efficient ratings and practices can be added to your marketing material, web site, and advertising in order to secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Also remember that many hotels and resorts are ranked according to a green hotel rating system. Being mentioned or highlighted on a list of green hotels is a tremendous achievement that can elevate your brand in the eyes of guests.

Provide Incentives

There are a variety of incentives, rebates, and other types of funding made available through different levels of government to companies that are energy efficient. Remember that there are specific requirements in order to receive rebates, and that a professional commercial energy audit company can help you navigate paperwork and other hurdles to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

About PL Energy Services

If you run a hotel, resort, or other type of business within the hospitality industry, consider the many benefits that an energy audit can provide. PL Energy Services is a leading energy firm that specializes in a wide array of energy-saving initiatives for commercial buildings. By conducting energy audits, we’ve helped clients to collect over $2.4 million and counting in energy rebates over the past two years. We can help you save money and improve the quality of your services to attract even more guests. Contact us today to learn more about our green initiatives and how you can cut down on your energy use.