PL Energy Services is an engineering firm focusing on Energy Reduction and Conservation, utilizing our 5-Year Energy Reduction Plan.

Our experience works for you throughout this process, providing engineering services, implementation, measurement and verification.

Our expertise in building sciences and state-of-the-art technologies equips our team with the essential knowledge that will reduce your operational expenses and provide cost-effective solutions.

PL has performed over 500 commercial energy audits, ranging in scope from ASHRAE Level 1 to 3, working with some of the major energy consumers as well as some of the largest facilities within Ontario.

Several of Ontario’s most prestigious industrial, commercial and multi-residential property management companies have chosen PL Energy Services for their energy conservation needs.

A thorough and in-depth understanding of our clients energy goals has allowed us to execute on comprehensive energy projects as well as detailed action plans that meet the demands and operating budgets of our clients’.

From initial energy audits to facility presentations, projects designs, grant capturing and implementation, PL Energy Services is with our clients every step of the way.