Limelight Towers

“PL Energy Services provided exact specifications, helped evaluate the competitive tenders and provided project management services for the retrofit. Based on their guidance, we have completed the lighting project and are now benefiting from energy savings and no maintenance!”

Optik K&R

“PL’s Energy Audit showed a detailed, comprehensive breakdown of the equipment at our facility, itemizing energy consumption, areas for improvement, rebates and payback.”

One Park Tower

“PL Energy Services has developed plans and delivered on: capitalizing on energy reduction solutions, maximizing available rebates, and installing building equipment as an all-in-one package. We recommend the services mentioned to anyone looking at working with PL Energy Services in the future.”

St. Clair O’Connor Community, Inc.

“The findings from the energy audit have uncovered a potential annual electrical and gas savings of over $50,000. Through the use of the Social Housing Adder, PL Energy Services also assisted in securing $24,000 in rebates for lighting retrofit that yielded dramatic energy reductions.”

Skyview on Yonge

“We are pleased with the expertise, professionalism and straightforward answers provided by PL Energy Services and would recommend PL Energy Services to anyone looking to reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, and secure rebates.”

Vuteq Canada Inc.

“The fast, friend and professional service provided by PL Energy Services ensures our rebates and savings on our projects are maximized. A detailed report exposed many different areas where the property could further energy savings and thus lower costs.”



“I have been working with PL Energy for the past two years selling Energy Audits. The entire team at PL Energy is extremely professional. The team at PL Energy stays with the process guiding customers through all the stages up to and including working with the contractors during the projects.”

Provincial Property Management

“The majority of projects were undertaken, as of March 31, 2013 we have savings of $6,600.00 on actual hydro, we realized savings sooner than estimated. We were extremely pleased with the results of this process.”

HDS Graphics

“The PL representatives were professional and worked hard to maximize our potential refund and I would highly recommend them.”

Nelson Education Ltd.

The findings from the energy audit have uncovered a potential annual electrical savings of over $72,000, through energy conservation measures. We are more than satisfied with the services PL has provided to us, in a timely and pleasant manner.”

Tollendale Village

“We have found the staff of PL Energy Services to be very knowledgeable, diligent and friendly throughout the audit process. Their audit report was thorough and included project ROI information that was useful in determining which projects should be tackled and in what order. We are currently working with PL Energy Services staff to obtain rebate pre-approvals on several projects that were proposed.”


“PL has performed Energy Audits on 35 of our properties, and has continuously provided in-depth knowledge and expertise for engineering green solutions.”


“The results of these audits proved valuable when assessing where to direct Capitol Investment within the property and PL Energy Services has played a vital role in implementing the repairs and upgrades while capturing all possible incentives & rebates available for the related work.”


“PL has been of the utmost assistant in implementing Heating & Cooling projects, supported by their Building Automation System software. PL has shown the utmost professional behavior through their services and project operations, and I will continue to utilize their expertise for future projects.”

Morgan Mae Investments

“I am exceptionally satisfied with the service PL Energy Services has provided and would definitely use their services again to secure not only government rebates, but for any energy reduction efforts Morgan Mae Investments look to complete in the future.”

Wide Suites

“We are happy to acknowledge PL has been successful in attaining $53,398.34 in rebates for our Corporation.”

CTM Group

“PL Energy has been proficient in all of their services including commercial-grade energy audits and analysis, accurate measurement and verification of energy reduction projects, all the time ensuring that rebates are applied for in a timely manner while making sure to receive the highest rebates and incentives possible for all of our projects.”

Derma Sciences

“They performed their duties in a timely and professional manner. The staff were always available to answer any inquiries and kept us informed of the progress of each project.”

ASA Alloys

“PL Energy Services thorough approach to turnkey energy analysis and auditing, allowed us to benchmark our consumption, as well as make drastic improvements in our facility.”

Wexford Residence

“PL Energy Services secured a rebate of 50% of the audit cost on our behalf. This resulted in us receiving a rebate incentive of $3,900.”

Berkley Property Management

“The energy audits helped us make informed decisions on energy saving projects and reduce our overall consumptions at buildings where projects have been implemented.”